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Recorded live to 2-track at Hit City, circa-1986. TB guitar/vox over synths/drums programmed into the fabulous LINN 9000. Although the 1995 debut Bleeding Hearts disc was titled "Be apart.", the song did not appear. A current remake is in-the-running for "Local Artist". "This song is the essence of their fully-baked rock and roll anti-authoritarian philosophy." (Jon Ohnder.)


Be apart.
(Timothy Brickley & David Rheins)

When they want you to conform,
to exchange your ideals for the norm,
to stay in line or to reform,
be apart, be apart.

Be apart, in everything that you do.
Be apart, any manner that you choose.
Be apart, doesn’t matter win or lose.

Life is not a game.
Winners and losers are the same
as long as you remain true to the ways of your heart.
Be apart.

Be apart, from those Xeroxed heroes around you.
Be apart, from the pettiness that surrounds you.
Be apart, never join, never compromise.
Be apart, never give in to those plastic guys.

The limit is your inner skies,
the dreams you have may all be realized,
as long as you

Be apart. Be a part.

Copyright 1986 Timothy Brickley and David Rheins.