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"If a band fell..." (The songs of Tim Brickley & David Rheins, 1980-2020.)

Ever-expanding 150+ track archive (over 24 hours of potential rock pleasure) from: The Secrets, Today's Icons, Lon + Jon, TB solo & with the Bleeding Hearts. Unreleased tracks, demos, live cuts, soundtracks, etc. Includes expanded Super-Deluxe Anniversary reissues of albums "Be apart." (1995) + "Everything that ever was." (2005) + peruse new LP-in-progress, "Local artist." (2021).

Subscribe at SuperStalker level and get complete, downloadable access to absolutely everything: the "If a band fell..." archive which includes all the official album releases, plus you get a signed copy the in-the-works new double LP by Tim Brickley and the Bleeding Hearts (featuring the songs of Tim Brickley and David Rheins) "Local artist." - and get to participate in it's creation by getting the in-progress work tracks. All sorts of other things too: box of TB/DR ephemera, free tix to DBTV tapings and selects shows. And our undying gratitude for helping to keep the wheels on the wagon...

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Nothing left to say...

The irony in that line is, obviously, that poet David Rheins always has something to say and is always looking for new ways to say it.   Through hundreds of 'Songs of Love and Loss' with songwriting partner and childhood friend Tim Brickley, to his many styles of verse - haiku, phoku (photography and haiku) and free verse, and many styles of visual art, writings, performances and blogs.  

In the succeeding decades, there have been more failed loves, and the addition of one dependent, yet there is still really only one thing left to say: "Damn if Life Ain't One Big Circle..."


-DMR 11/20


Hallelujah to be gigging again.

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