"If A Band Fell..." (The Brickley/Rheins Archive)

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Finally, we are able to offer to you, the discerning listener, complete access to "If A Band Fell" (The Brickley/Rheins Archive), our ever-expanding, (currently 450+ cut) audio/video archive. Spanning our nearly-lifelong songwriting partnership, the tracks include:


       + early TB demos and live tracks of DR-fronted The Secrets, recorded in Bloomington, IN USA in 1980

       + studio tracks, productions, live recordings from the first incarnation of HIT CITY RECORDING (Terrace Beach, Indianapolis, IN USA) w/ TB/DR, Today's Icons (including Culture Club open video) and others.

       + TB/DR tracks from second (current) Hit City Recording (SoBro, Indianapolis, IN USA), cassette releases, other productions. 

       + TB theatre music with noted producer/director Bryan Fonseca plus other TV, radio spot and music for money tracks. Plus debut recordings with original Bleeding Hearts lineup.


        + Bleeding Hearts tracks, including debut album, "Be apart." (1995) w/ bonus tracks and live ephemera,

        + TB jazz recordings w/ TIM BRICKLEY QUINTET, music from his Emmy-Award winning documentary "Hoosier Hoops", "Tangled and Tempted" from the Polygrams films release "Going All The Way"

       + Live radio performances, TV appearances


       + Bleeding Hearts tracks including second album, "Everything that ever was." (2005), with bonus material, TV appearances, etc.

       + Lon and Jon Ohnder album project, The Happy Channel video series (with Ben Wah Salami and Scott Sanders), episodes of "Different Beat Radio" podcast


       + Bleeding Hearts, TB solo, Lon and Jon, TB LP productions including "Flaming Planet Head" by The Reacharounds, "Only One Reason" by JJ Pearson and "Three" by Rosetta Pebble.

       + "Pure Prine" Bryan Fonseca production.


       +In-progress tracks from third album "Local artist." (2022)

       +Episodes of "Different Beat Television"