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With Jonathan Hawkins on upright bass and Jeff Chapin on drums. Produced and engineered by TB, who sings and plays piano and organ. "Dreaming Of Sunset", copyright 1980 Timothy Brickley and David Rheins.


(Timothy Brickley & David Rheins)

The clouds are etched upon the canvas sky
in penciled tribute black and white.
A grey mood colors me just below.
I watch you through the painted night.
Behold, your face is the moon
with eyes of dark circles that cry.
Oh, how you haunt me alone here tonight,
pulling my thoughts like the tide.
You have seen the sailors at dawn
swimming alone out to sea,
leaving you faded at daybreak
with this sorrow you pass on to me.
You have seen men praise you before
as the dusk in their blood comes to stir.
Still, you stare like that rock in the sky,
the seas in my eye but a tear.
Dreaming of sunset.

Copyright 1980, Timothy Brickley & David Rheins.